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At Secure Knowledge Management we have been developing professional curriculum and training programs for over two decades. We follow international standards like Bloom’s Taxonomy published in 23 languages and used by universities and colleges around the globe. Our courses include activities, assignments and tests to help us gage the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer process and ensure you get the value you expect from our programs.

Our programs can be delivered in a class room or over the Internet to anyone anywhere in the world any time of the day or night. Our courses are subscription based so you can pay a flat fee of $ 600.00 USD for a 30 day period. During your course we will become your mentor, making time for you when encounter a difficult topic or have additional questions. We believe that by being flexible, we will help you become more successful, which also helps us. We see this as a win-win situation.
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Do-It Yourself

At Secure Knowledge Management we understand that some professionals already have the skills necessary to implement and maintain a Cybersecurity program, so our goal is to support you. Many organizations are coming under regulatory review for their Cybersecurity program. While some organizations have the financial means to hire a team of Cybersecurity experts there are thousands that will only hire one. Due to fiscal restraints some organizations will assign Cybersecurity responsibilities to an existing manager. Due to these constraints we want to become your partner by providing support in terms of documented policies, procedures and standards. We charge a flat fee per-document or for the entire program package, these costs range from $50.00 USD to $10,000.00 USD. We can also help customize packages and provide a white label license where we keep your branded documentation current.
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Seek Expertise

At Secure Knowledge Management we have been consulting for over 2 decades within 16 Major Industries. During that time we have been called upon to design and implement Enterprise wide Cybersecurity programs including privacy, conduct audits, security assurance reviews, participate on red teams, test applications for security vulnerabilities and lead security penetration testing. If you require expert level assistance to get your program up and running or make some improvements to an existing program we are the professionals you need. Our hourly or fixed term rates are very competitive, but they will vary from region to region, so please drop us a line for a quote and we will get right back to you.
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At Secure Knowledge Management we have been designing and implementing Cybersecurity programs for over 2 decades. We want to become your partners by playing a role on your integrated team. The demands for organizations to monitor and respond to Cybersecurity incidents are increasing. Liability and Reputation are measured by the time its takes your organization to identify and stop attempted security breaches. Competitors are benefiting from the lost trust the breached organizations suffer through. Companies that have security breaches face financial and long-term hardships, some resulting in bankruptcy. Don’t let your life's investment disappear because you did not address Cybersecurity risks. Let us help you identify your most valuable assets and take steps to implement commercially reasonable security to prevent these risks from developing into front page news.
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Full List of Professional Security Services

Security Management/Governance: Manage the Information Security Management System to determine its effectiveness by reviewing policy objectives, scope, security controls, taking into account risk assessments, threats, regulatory and contractual obligations, security audits, incidents, effectiveness measurements, suggestions and feedback, updating security plans and formally recording actions and events.

Security Policy: Manage the information security policy in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations.

Security Risk Management: Manage risk to information assets and system resources, identifying risks, evaluating risks, evaluating treatment, selecting controls, and obtaining management approval.

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Vulnerability Management: During this process the security program identifies and mitigates known vulnerabilities. In addition, the VM process also examines Enterprise Architecture for unknown vulnerabilities and treats those vulnerabilities.

Security Continuous Improvement: Manage a Continuous Improvement plan that identifies corrective and preventative action plans that are designed to improve existing information security policies, practices and standards.

Privacy Impact Assessment: Manage the Privacy Impact Assessment process to establish compliance with data protection statutes and identify any potential gaps for remediation.

Threat-Risk Assessment: Manage the Threat-Risk Assessment process to identify threats and risks to information assets and system resources to identify residual risk and recommend safeguards designed to remediate any potential gaps.

Security Incident Management: Manage the ongoing monitoring and response to security incidents including the creation of practices and controls to detect errors in processing. Identify attempted and successful security incidents and breaches, determine if delegated security activities are performed as expected, prevent security events through the use of indicators, and determine if actions initiated to resolve the security breaches were effective.

Security Compliance Management: Manage a compliance process to avoid breaches of any law, statutory, regulatory or contractual obligations and of any security requirements.

Security Manual: Manage a process to ensure that respective ISMS practices are documented within one manual and ensure that all personnel who are assigned responsibilities for the administration of the ISMS program receive the necessary training to effectively and efficiently administer the ISMS program.

Security Training/Awareness: Manage a process to ensure that all personnel who are assigned responsibilities defined in the ISMS are competent to perform the required tasks.