Municipal Government Project Overview

Scope: Municipal government body comprised of 6,000 unionized and non-unionized employees providing public transportation to 14 Million residents or 3 Million riders per-year.

Objectives: Develop and implement the Information Security Education and Awareness program including project plans, management reports, curriculum development and presentation development.

Best practices: Bloom's Taxonomy, David Klob's Learning Style Inventory, Facilitation methodology developed by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Centre for Curriculum Development, Transfer & Technology.

Provincial Government Project Overview

Scope: Provincial government containing 19 Ministries, 10,000 unionized and non-unionized employees providing services to 4 Million residents; amounting to $42 billion in payments processed each year.

Objectives: 1). Achieve ISO/IEC 27001 Registration/Certification, 2). Procure new service provider 3). Process improvement.

Best practices: ISO/IEC 27001:2005, ISO/IEC 3100, ISO/IEC 9001:2009, COBiT 4.1, ITIL v2

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