CyberSecurity Standard Framework

The following document is Copyrighted and protected and was compiled by Mark E. S. Bernard. This document is the visual representation of a CyberSecurity Program or Management System when it is completed. Professionals attending my training will learn how to implement and maintain these frameworks /programs. NIST CyberSecurity Framework is the USA version while ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS is the internationally accepted version.

The following describes each of the established processes within the “NIST CyberSecurity Program” once implemented.

The first task is to Identify

Through various procedures and in-depth analysis, Secure Knowledge Management team members identify the organization’s knowledge of CyberSecurity. Our key strategy is to enable and empower management to identify and address risk to organizational assets, people, information, software, hardware, telecommunications and facilities. Key processes include:

Next we Protect the identified risks

At this stage we design, test, deploy appropriate safeguards that mitigate CyberSecurity threats to the organizations operations and services. Key processes include:

Detect and monitor security events is the next step in the Implementation

We will design and implement effective tools that will actively monitor the organization’s operations and services to identify events before they develop into a security incident. Key processes include:

Next we Respond

Secure Knowledge Management staff will plan, test and operationalize any CyberSecurity events and incident management processes. We also train security teams to be aware of CyberSecurity Threats and we will test the organization’s response to events and incidents. Key processes include:

The final step in the process is to Recover

We will plan, test and deploy recovery processes that will quickly return the organization to full operational capacity. We will train employees to recover and restore the business, ensuring a smooth seamless transition from CyberSecurity incidents to full operational capacity. Key processes include:

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